Multitrax Supports

Multitrax believes that it is necessary for a company to be present in the territory in which it operates, supporting projects and associations that have the aim of promoting and enhancing people, society and the places that live every day. For this reason Multitrax is proud to be a supporter and partner of three projects that have as their objective the promotion of the territory and social inclusion.

Pro Cremona is a promoter of Cremonese culture in Italy and in the world focusing and promoting the incoming tourist to the city of Cremona.

La Compagnia delle Griglie was founded in 2003 and, since 2009, every year generates projects for charitable activities thanks to the “MEC project” they themselves designed to honor the memory of Alessandro Mecchia, a friend who died prematurely.
In 2018 “ThisAbility” was presented as part of the “MEC project”

ThisAbility is a social inclusion project that focuses on the abilities of the so-called “disabled” by enhancing their abilities. Specifically, these are catering services for events in which the children participating in the project take charge of the service to the guests.